Which fish should I move?

aqua_jerryJuly 9, 2006

I just acquired a 29 Gal tank and stand ($100 seemed like a pretty good deal). My question, which fish do I move. There are 2 Angels, 2 Mollies, 2 Platies, 1 Clown Loach and 1 Pleco currently in the 16 Gal. My Gourami stays in his own 5 Gal because he was aggressive towards other fish. I was thinking of moving the Angels and the pleco to the bigger tank and keeping it a cichlid tank. Thoughts

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What type of gourami? Most gouramis (exceptions gold, blue and kissing) are fairly peaceful. The cramped space may have made it more territorial than usual.

When you say keep it a cichlid tank, you're not going to introduce any african cichlids into the 29 are you? Definitely the angels will do better in the larger tank. If you want some dither schooling fish - try black neons (which the angels won't eat. Don't get neons)

If the angels wind up pairing off (and that you've actually gotten a breeding pair) expect that they will definitely act more aggressively in any tank situation. I deal with this by keeping them in a very large tank and setting up plants to help define territories.

Overall, I've found with gouramis and angels, they become less aggressive when there are lots of plants - especially floating ones.

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I have just answered that question in another one of your postings


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Keith, I am not sure I understand your comment. I have 29, 16 and 5 gal. I need to move some from the 16 to the 29 as I am having extreme difficulty keeping the water stable. My Gourami (Bob) is content in the 5. He's a blue and rather aggressive. I am thinking of moving the Pleco, 2 Angels and the 2 Platies to the 29 and keeping the Mollies in the 16.

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The 29g is up and running. Purchased an Emperor 400 for filtration. I also decided to try live plants as I have been told this is better than faux plants. I will be moving the pleco, angels and loach to the new home, leaving the mollies and platies in the 16g. Will let you all know how it goes. Thanks again for the advice.

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Just keep in mind that if you have one of the smaller species plecos - the 29 gallon will be fine. But if you have a common pleco - they really grow too large for that tank. And they're a fairly powerful fish, so plants will be uprooted in the swimming.

You may find yourself having to either trading in the pleco as it outgrows its home or look into getting other bottom feeders or fish that eat algae.

DON'T get a chinese algae eater as they grow aggressive as they grow larger.

Good algae eaters are the small otocinclus. My favorite bottom feeders are cory cats.

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My 29 has been circulating now for 4 days. I added the pleco on day 2. When is it safe to move my Angels and Loach to the new tank?

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It takes some time for a tank to cycle (for good bacteria to become established in the filter media). With a pleco - they tend to put out a lot of waste. Since your cycle is cycling with a live fish, quite honestly I would just leave the pleco in it to cycle the tank before introducing the rest of the fish. The tank won't be able to handle the bioload so early on.

How large are all of these fish, btw? All really small babies still?

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The pleco is about 3". When I started up the tank I also used API Stress Zyme to introduce beneficial bacteria. I tested the water last night and all indicators were good. I added the Angels (approx 2") 2 of them, last night. I had to do this as I am trying to get my 16gal under control. I will wait for 1 - 2 weeks before moving the loach.

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If I were you, I'd do at least 1 weekly water changes. Indicators are looking good because the tank hasn't cycled yet since it's too soon.

What's on your side is the fact that your fish are still small.

Just be prepared for possible bacteria bloom (cloudy water) with the new tank.

Really keep an eye on the angels' fins. Any sign of tearing and rot start increasing the number of water changes per week.

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