Some More Pics from Playing In The Dirt

nwgatreasures(7)November 26, 2008

Here's some more pics from my repotting session with my AVF on Monday.

M3M - I also discovered that I have Optimara Little Rose Quartz if you are looking for that in your collection. I deleted the email and don't have the ability to go back and look at your list.

And look what surprise I got in one of the bags when I opened it. I had no idea that I'd find blooms inside the bag. The plant had only been in there for about 2 weeks.

What a nice treat.


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My apologies for posting the same picture and comment twice in two different threads. I'll try not to let that happen again.


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Aw, thanks for thinking of me, Dora! I do have Little Rose Quartz already :-)

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dora, your sure havin a good day, finding such good surprises. put that cute little pink violet [ in the zip lock] on my wish list. when you get into something, you really get in, good for you. i enjoy seeing all your new surprises. later, molly

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Whoaa, fertile lady on board!


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Looks like you had a great time digging in the dirt. What a wonderful surprise to find a blooming AV! I'm curious, what is the purpose of the red, white, yellow and green things in the pots (are they toothpicks)?

~ Donna

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I'll take fertile as long as it's AVs and not human babies :) LOL I already have four kids (21 - 4) and I'm in my 40's and the next babies that are mine will be my grandkids. My last child was an unplanned surprise.

Donna - yes, those are plastic toothpicks that I use to anchor the mouse ears so they don't get knocked and come up/out. I usually remove them once I repot or when I'm sure there has been enough new growth to guarantee that the plant has taken root.

Molly - you keep track of the list and I'll be glad to share.

M3M - I'll most likely have more by the spring.


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