ammonia problem!!!

meghan2July 20, 2007

Hi everyone.....

I just got a fish tank about 3 weeks back. Things have been okay except the ammonia. Of course when I started it was 0, but now it just refuses to go below 0.25. It fluctuates a lot too, so I have been doing PWC very 4 to 5 days, but obviously I am not doing something right. I am to afraid that if I don't change the water, it is going to rise to 0.5.

I have goldfish, and I know that they secrete a lot. I also feed them just enough that they eat in about 3 to 4 mins., so I don't know why the ammonia won't drop.

The Nitrate and Nitrite are 0 too. The water temp. is about 72-74, and the ph stays around 7.4-7.6. Any suggestions?

Do I need to get something from the pet store to put in my water. I have ordered the API Ammo Lock online, but it is arriving in about 5 days. SHould I be worried till then? Can I do anything to keep the ammonia at 0 without causing any harm to the fish?

Thank you in advance for any advice!!!

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Your still in the first stage of the cycle. Keep doing partial water changes so the ammonia wont go over 1.0ppm. The least expensive product to use is Prime by Seachem. It comes in a red labled bottle and is available at most pet stores (PetSmart and Petco even have it) When you do a partial water change, double the ammount of Prime. This will detoxify the ammonia. The battle of keeping your ammonia level under 1.0ppm will get a bit harder in the days (or weeks to come). When cycling with fish you should keep the ammonia level below 1.0ppm, but you must have ammonia present to initiate the second stage of the cycle. You will know when you are at stage 2 because overnight your ammonia problem will disapear and nitrites will start to be detected. Nitrites are a bit easier to deal with because nitrite is easily detoxified with salt. see the article in the link below for dosage. Also, you can feed even more sparingly and only once a day for 1 minute worth of food until the 2nd stage comes. Less food = less fish poop and uneaten food = less ammonia production. It is perfectly safe to double or even triple the dose of Prime, I believe it can be done up to 5 times the ammount as directed in the Prime bottles instructions and notes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using Salt to detoxify Nitrite

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this is an old forum, so I do not know if I will get a response, but here goes.

Set up a 29 gallon freshwater tropical tank about two months ago, cannot get the amonia under control. Now the PH is low also. I have a 30/60 hang over filter, with a bio filter added, an undergravel filter.
1 corey cat
1 pleco
2 guppies
1 swordtail
1 glo fish

recently lost 2 guppies and one swordtail

I use well water, do a 50% change weekly because amonia is high, I was adding Amonia Lock, but it is not doing anything so i am trying to stay away from Chemicals, I added two live plants to try to help absorb amonia and feed the fish every other day. I also add Bacteria to try to raise the good bacteria level, HELP....

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I totally understand your concern. I have being working with my 55 gal tank for a while....same issue. High Ammonia. I was advised to get rid of my underground filter. I have 2 of the filters that hang on the back of the I pulled the underground filter. I know it takes a while for the cycle to do its thing. I think keep up on the water changes and the bacteria. I have used the Prime product with good results.
If you are like me you love your tank....stick with it! =)

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Ammonia breaks down into Nitrites and nitrates with the help of bacteria in the gravel. As your gravel is freshly washed and put in, it has no bacteria. Like the bacteria in the human gut, bacteria in the gravel is essential. Get a fist full of gravel from an established aquarium and seed your gravel.

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