Substrate and Sinking Food

lexie1397July 30, 2005

Hello All!

I was so thrilled to see this board, as I have had much difficulty getting a straight answer to my question at specialty stores!

I have two african dwarf frogs in my aquarium, with the "normal" aquarium gravel from wal-mart. I was originally given HBH Shrimp Pellets to feed the frogs, but read online that they are for sucker-fish, not frogs. So I got the HBH Frog and Tadpole Bites. My problem is that the Frog Bites are so small they fall between the pieces of gravel long before the frogs find them. I didn't want to feed them the wrong food, so the shrimp pellets stayed out of the tank. Eventually my poor little frogs got so skinny I could see the hollows between their ribs and spine. I have started to feed the larger shrimp pellets just so they will actually be able to eat SOMETHING, but I know that it is not what they're supposed to be getting. I don't have the means to deal with bloodworms, which would probably be the best option.

Can anyone suggest what substrate/food combination to use for my favorite little guys?

The 1.5 gallon tank also has two male fancy guppies and one snail about the size of a marble. (yes, I know they are a little over crowded, but I do clean the tank religiously)

Thanks so much!!!

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Do a search on Google and you will come up with a lot of information on how to care for your little frogs.
As you already know you must make sure that they are eating so if you can't find live bloodworms see if any pet shops sell frozen bloodworms. The froggys don't chew their food, but suck it into their muzzle and swallow it down. For this reason they favourize slim, worm-like food animals as for example red mosquito larvae (bloodworms) or tubifex worms. You could also buy freeze dried.
It is suggested not to keep the frogs with fish because the fish will recognize the food before the frogs do and there will be no food for the frogs. My guppies certainly would not leave any food left over LOL.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Maybe place an aquarium safe (dosent mean it has to be bought at a store) flat rock so the food is easier picked up. Slate is widely used in aquariums and is non pH altering. Just boil it for 15 minutes and then cool it down with cool water before adding it.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

How I would love to feed bloodworms!! Unfortunetly all I can find are the frozen ones and my fiance refuses to let me put them in our little freezer. =(

I am slowly learning that maybe my little frogs would have been happier alone. But now I've committed to my guppies too, and only one (tiny) tank is allowed in the building.

How do I find out for myself if a rock is non pH altering? Fish stores have told me blatent lies (some coral looking rock was supposed to be safe, but was actually designed for LARGE, SALTWATER tanks...), so I am reluctant to trust them again. I have thought about adding a plate for the frogs, but I don't want to kill them in the process!

Thanks again for your advice!!

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Slate, shale, granite, basalt, some lava stone. Are non pH buffering. To test, submerge the stone in vinegar (pickling vinegar or a high acid one is best, if not available regular white vinegar will do). If it creates bubbles than it will buffer up. Limestone,marble, dolomite(will only bubble w/vinegar if scratched and dust comes off) will buffer up. Also seashells(pure calcium carbonate) However, if keeping African rift lake cichlids the buffer up is fine because they prefer high pH. Sometimes gravel that is labeled non pH altering has failed the vinegar test.I had this happen to me with a gravel that was labeled pH safe. My pH was 8.2 and I removed it then it dropped after a couple water changes back down. Also, after testing rock/gravel rinse thoroughly with cool water. Try to look for the freeze dried ones next to the canned food or order on the web.

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