Woeisme - follow up on parasite in rainbow fish

sherryazure(6)July 5, 2007

I am posting here again. I put the guy down as he would not eat after one week, or couldn't. As explained on the other thread, the buldge got smacked out and I almost assumed it was dead matter until 'they' (ugh) wiggled. They look like planera, longish about 1/3 plus long, tapered at both ends and I think a little darker spot (head) at one end. Wish I had a microscope. But they were in ball like mass, and red. I realize in hindsight when trying search for an identification that might have been my boy's blood like a mosquito... I am worried about the tank he came from. I am thinking of feeding them clout soaked food (soaking now) just to purge anything while all are eating. From former studies it may be that it would only spread when fish is dead and egg cysts are released, or fish eat dead fish, but without knowing what it is and cycle not sure. Hopefully only this guy. Hard to kill a fish who is looking at you square in the eye. waaa!

Thanks much for any thoughts and help on this. Best Sherry

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