NYC Betta Rescue

sherryazure(6)July 13, 2010

I have had to downsize from 9 aquariums more or less (75 down) to one which contains a lovely female AGGRESSIVE (only her and NO other fish - snail, or anything) Betta. She was not a rescue - I treated myself after doing 100's of rescues.

I need ONE very very experienced person who can provide her as good or better home then I did.

See her latest on flickr. (she is now in a ten - sold the 20 long, and five was just to show moss off to sale).

Again, even a school of cories were targeted and had to go to a fish sanctuary in chinatown. In the the largest tank she terrorized all and sucks the guts out of small snails - a killing field!

I am very generous when I give my fish a home (with aquarium stuff) but will carefully screen. She is my baby! but need to move out and impossible to go to West Coast.

Now if anyone has done that let me know, lol.

Please contact me at

See where she has been living. She is extremely active. I bought her out of a huge tank on East 38th street and admired her toughness. I did not know she was "the terminator" lol.

This is only in NYC and I can not travel due to past fire in building (won't go into detail) but anyway you'd need car or cab to take all stuff home. And to transition her fast. She is young and in expert health. I do all the preparations to make it easy (filter floss so no cycling problems, water to take home so on - done it many many times prior.)

Please be sincere in your ability and love of these fish. They (like all fish) deserve it!

No rush but will screen well.


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OOPS should have said RE HOME.

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I'm impressed by your caring for that fish. I'd love to give it a home but lodgistics prevent it. Good luck with the adopotion!

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