Betta-film on water

denise_ky(z6 KY)July 29, 2007

Hello All,

I am the caretaker of my 11 yo daughter's new crown tail betta while she is at her Dad's house. He is being kept in a 2.5 tank with 4 ghost shrimp. The tank has one of those whisper filters. Here is my qestion: I noticed a film at the surface of the water along with some bubbles. Is this normal? Since Bettas are surface breathers at times do I need to be concerned about this film? You may ask how much film? On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being crystal clear and 10 being you can't see through the water surface, I'd say the film would be 2-3. We've had the fish and tank since Wednesday, July 25th. Thanks for any help you could give me!


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woeisme(z7b NC)

Film on water is probably protien build up from your water supply if it is like an "oily sheen". Bubbles could be the same or a bubble nest. Did you get the shrimp and betta all at once? If so get an ammonia test kit and change out 50% water (conditioned water)evry other day until you get the ammonia test kit. I recomend the API brand sold at most pet supplies.

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denise_ky(z6 KY)

Thank you woeisme for the advice. I'll get the ammoia test kit this weekend. I changed out 1/3 of the water yesterday with conditioned water. We did get the shrimp and betta at the same time.

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you can usually bring a little of your water to your fish or pet store and most places will check your water there.

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A filter that gives lots of flow helps and maybe a papaer towel to soak up what is on the surface may remove some of it.

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