Betta on the Verge of croaking...

ladybuckshothuntressJuly 21, 2009

I have a crown tail...basically a fancy betta. We have had him for several months. One day we got up and he was over in the corner of the tank. Which I thought was rather strange because he was always a social little bugger. Well, I looked over the internet and it was saying he was depressed. I placed him over close to the females that I have and he has not perked up. I have done water changes with aquarium salt and mellafix. None of this has worked. He goes to take a breath and he takes the air in and then bubbles back out. I am afraid to touch him, because he will sink to the bottom then come right back up. Then he sinks and lays there. I mean, I have tried all I can and I need some help because my mother really liked this one. He is not that old and was bought from a reliable pet store. His color has not faded even though he has not eaten for about 2 weeks now.

Any help will be appreciated!

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kenotia(ZONE 8)

You overreacted; the aquarium salt and melafix shouldn't've been added unless you are sure there was a problem to fix. Do you have the readings on your water parameters? Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate if you have them. If not, get a test kit (liquid is best) and do a test for each and post the results. It could be poisoning of some sort - usually ammonia is the most common.

How big is your tank? Do you have a filter? Did you cycle the tank? How are the fins - are the fraying or ragged? Is he gilling (rapidly moving his gills)? A lot of things could be wrong, but I'll bet you have a small tank and there's probably an ammonia buildup. Small tanks are hard to keep properly, and they often take wild swings that can kill fish.

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