Lucky Bamboo / Freshwater Aquarium

andantexxxJuly 15, 2008

I'm having a hard time finding answers to my questions about lucky bamboo in aquariums. And what I've read doesn't always match.

-- Does lucky bamboo in an aquarium harm fish?

-- Besides taking in water, does bamboo interact with the aquarium in any way? Like, does it affect nitrates/ammonia? Do the fish eat the roots? Etc.

-- Also, what does rotten/sickly bamboo look like?

I realize that lucky bamboo isn't really an aquatic plant. But I have three stalks in my 5.5 gallon cycling tank (with leafed tops sticking out the back). I need to know whether it's alright to keep them there.


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I have seen no harm in having it.. I keep it in my betta tank and used to keep it in my small aquarium.. Not sure about the nitrites and if it affects or helps convert those levels.. My roots were burried and no the fish didnt nibble on the ones that surfaced.. When it goes bad it either turns yellow or black and becomes soft.. Other than that I think your fine..

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