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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)November 13, 2009

How does one know their plant sported?

If you had seen a true bloom cycle and then the flowers changed,,,that I can understand. But what if you've not bloomed the violet before and it blooms and it's wrong. How do you know it's sported and not just a mislabeled plant?

This is probably a silly question but I'm new to all this.,,,Debbie

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If you haven't had the plant bloom at all, you really don't know if it sported or was mislabeled. Not a silly question at all.


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You can check number of sites for a picture of the plant. If it differs from that it has either sported or been mislabled. Depending on where you got the plant you can ask the originator if it looks like any other planats they have.
Fred in NJ

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I do know there is a list of some sports that are known. I'm sure there are more that aren't on that list though.
I guess the question arose when I was looking in a foreign Ebay at pictures and it showed a white wasp flower for Lunar Lily but description has it as: Lunar Lily (Dates) Single wasp shaped pink and white flowers. Medium green hairy bustle leaves. This was a pure white flower with no pink what so ever. It was a clear close up. So made me wonder if it had sported possibly or if it was mislabeled. haha.
Not my plant and I couldn't buy it but my friend was interested in it. She lived in the country it was being auctioned in. I told her it had either sported or was mislabeled. Being it was a wasp she didn't care. haha.
Thanks Barb and Fred for responding!,,,,Debbie

Here is a link that might be useful: African Violet Sports

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A plug I purchased this summer of Ness' Dynomite never bloomed true - and continued changing as it bloomed fully. At first it was quite pretty - although disappointing because I wanted a 3 Ness' collection and now I only have 2. It later faded to mostly light petals with a gob of not very appealing maroon in center.

I plan to continue growing it to see what happens next. And of course I put multiple leaves down in the beginning so new plantlets grown out will soon bloom and I'll either have a crap load of sports or one that blooms true!

I broke down the plant this week and repotted, stripped most of the blossoms off & a couple rows of leaves. (Is there any point to this besides I can't resist an experiment?) Will see what the next cycle of blooms do before deciding it's fate. ("I have a FATE?" poor plant :)
Trying the picture in message thing...
Ness' Dynomite sport:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Dognapper I happen to like the dark eye of your sports! haha. Keep me in mind if their fate means the trash!
I have been planting leaves as I receive plants and find a broken leaf. I noticed while watering I have roots on my most of my leaves! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see green leaves emerging! I know from what I've read,,,hurry up and wait! haha.,,,Debbie

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Sometimes the first bloom is not the bloom the plant will have when it matures. Maybe after 3 bloom cycles will be the the bloom it keeps. You can check the description of the bloom/leaves, if it is completely different I would assume mislabeled.

One of the ladies in our violet club bought (don't know from whom) several different named varities of leaves and shared the baby plants with us... may of them did not bloom true....I know they didn't all sport. Well, I assume anyway.


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