X_X Problem with my poor Glowlight

FrozenMystJuly 30, 2005

I don't know if anyone can help, but at the moment I have 5 neons and 5 glowlights. One of my poor little glowlights is sickly. It's the tiniest of the five. I'm not quite sure, but I think it might have neon tetra disease. Does anyone know where I can find pictures of fish, other than the neons, who have acquired neon tetra disease? Any good sites with info is helpful too. I've found a lot, but I could always use more info. I've also heard of fake neon tetra disease, but I don't believe that is what my glowlight has.

I have a smaller tank and I believe that I should move him... all the other fish seem perfectly normal and healthy and I'm worried that he'll make them sick. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I seem to have bad luck with fish so far... could be because I'm still new to all this. = \

Thanks again for any advice ahead of time,

~Holly (The NooB)

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woeisme(z7b NC)

MOVE IT if you haven't allready. First improve water conditions (cloudy water, unvaccummed gravel/unless a dense planted tank/ ammonia, nitrite, over 50ppm nitrate unplanted)I recently had a rash of this. I dont do normal gravel vaccums in my moderate to heavy planted (only every 6 months I uproot vaccum half the tank, next week other half then replant. now every 4 months since outbreak). The water quality got bad quicker than normal and I had an algae bloom (lime green water) then NTD killed 5 neons and fancytailed guppy, also an oto cat.When you have isolated it try Nalidixic Acid if you can find some at the pet shop or online. There has been limited sucess with it. Try to bring down pH to 6.5-6.8 if not there allready. By the way it usually looks like a clear spot in the body, sudden loss of color. Post a pic if you can.

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