Aquaruim salt for Betta?

grice(z5 Michigan)July 10, 2005

Someone suggessted that this be used for one of my bettas who seems to be engaging in tailbiting.

On the box it does'nt state which fish it should/should'nt be used for.

I bought it and decided to research before using. I ran across a site that says it is not for use in aquaruims with certain fish including bettas. Then the article goes on to say that all fish benifit from it. Needless to say,I'm confused.

Should I use it in my betta aquarium or not?

If I can use it,how often do I do so?

Thanks for your help.


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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

Aquarium salt is perfectly safe for fish with scales. It's the scaleless fish you need to watch out for. Just make sure to mix it well when you add it, because if a fish touches the salt it's possible to get burned.

One application per water change is fine. It doesn't evaporate and doesn't get filtered out, so it'll stay. You can use the regular dosage or halve it; it doesn't matter. Bettas are very hardy, and can even tolerate brackish water conditions, which is why you someimtes would find a group of females living with some platies and mollies.

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grice(z5 Michigan)

As always,thank you Minku

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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

You're welcome. :)

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Plain table salt is also fine. I have used both iodized and non-iodized. It is perfectly safe and always on hand.

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I've used the aquarium salt in my 10 gallons tank in the past and it had 8 sepre tetras, 5 black skirt tetras, several zebra danios, white clouds, and cherry barbs. Yes, I had one beta and one striped raphael catfish. They all survived for 3 years. Salt is paradise for the fishies. Currently, I have 30 gallons tank with 10 Tiger Barbs, 6 Platies, 2 Dwarf Gouramis (one blue and one purpleish), and 2 striped raphael catfishes. Yes, there is salt and all the fishies are happily swimming around.

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Salt is an old and in some instances, useful additive for the treatment of some parasitic conditions, but healthy fresh water fish in a properly maintained tank need only the levels of mineral salts found in their native waters; no more.

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I'm against keeping salt in freshwater long-term for fear of creating even more salt resistant parasites and and bacteria. Fighting aquarium disease is already Hell, we don't need anymore super parasites!

Bettas usually tail-bite out of stress, so adding salt to his water will probably not help much. Just keep his water clean so it will heal. If you decide you do want to try aquarium salt, be careful. Salt can be harsh on scale-less fish like already mentioned, but also harms sensitive fish including some types of tetra and bettas. Some bettas have fatal reactions to salt, so only dose .5 to 1 teaspoon per gallon. Dissolve salt in water before adding it to the tank, and watch closely for the first 15 minutes. Be sure to have a bucket of dechlorinated, temperature matched water ready incase he does not like the salt.

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ahh, im soo confused i have a 5 gallon aquarium, how much salt do i use? i have a betta, 5neon tetras and 3 ghost shrimP?? WILL IT HARM THE SHRIMP??

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When I purchased bettas from overseas betta breeders, they advised me to add a little aquarium (NOT TABLE!) salt to their water. I add like 1/8 tsp. to my 1-1/2 gallon vase and let it sit several hours so it dissolves before adding my betta.

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Can someone help me?
My red male betta Rio lives in a small glass tank that holds no more then less then a liter of water. I heard by googling it that you can add aquarium salt to their tank. I bottle tap water in two 0.5L bottles so that the next time I change his tank he has room temperature water. I recently started putting only 1/8 tsp. of aquarium salt in the bottles when i fill them. Is the to much or to less? and his reaction to the first tank change with the aquarium salt in it didn't seem to be soo good, he darted around a bit and then rested at the bottom of his tank, is the aquarium salt hurting him or killing him?

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