Making wicks from hosiery

bspoffordNovember 3, 2007

Since this topic came up on another thread, and there were some questions about how to do it, here goes....

For knee-hi nylons - cut off the elastic top and the denser toe. I then stick my arm through and pull the stocking up my arm like a long glove. Lick your thumb and first finger (for traction) and start to roll the stocking towards your hand. Continue to keep rolling all the way off your hand. You should now have a nicely rolled 'donut'. Cut the donut anywhere so that you have a long roll like a jelly roll. Simply snip off slices about 1/4" wide with a very sharp pair of scissors. I keep the slices rolled up as much as possible, and put them in a baggie for storage. When ready to use, I put about 10 in a small container, add water, and press on them to help them absorb the water. When setting up the pot, I take a wet slice, unroll it, and stretch it out. That makes it go from a flat strip to a rolled strip. Stick it up through the hole in the pot and coil it around the pot. Be sure to let enough hang out of the pot to hang into the reservoir with some extra to lay on the bottom of the reservoir. Put some potting mix on top and wet slightly; I do this to make sure the wick doesn't dry out while I am repotting.

For pantyhose - cut off the toe and the elastic panty. I cut the stocking into lengths of about 8-9". If you roll the whole stocking, it's hard to get a nice clean cut slice. After cutting into lenghts, pull up onto your arm and roll down to your hand, just like the knee-hi's.


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Hi bspofford, Why do you go to the trouble of using pantyhose for wicks? Why would'nt you just use yarn? Does it work better? Thanks donnaviola

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I often ask myself that very same question....maybe there is the sense of recycling something that would just go into the trash otherwise. I do think they work a bit better than yarn, but that could be my imagination.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I think pantyhose pass more water than yarn. If you have a gesneriad biggie or something that really likes it very wet - it is the way to go.

Just for Steve - you can buy knee-high nylons at Walgreens - the cheapest ones that are packed in a plastic ball - I make wicks out of them simetimes - and my cat plays with a ball - especially if I put a bead or a penny inside for the sound.


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