New violet question ( a really quick one, I think)

KeOsikaDecember 21, 2012

I received a baby african violet as a christmas present from a friend. It's quite tiny (the pot is... 3in across at the most). As with any plant, there were a few dead leaves hanging off of it, so I clipped off the dead ones and pulled up some that had shriveled up in the soil. After pulling off about 3 leaves, I noticed there was a cluster where some were missing already and it's growing sort of lopsided in the pot.

So I have a very simple question. Are there two plants in my new violet's pot? Or... is it just one? I think it's just one but since I second guessed myself, I just wanted to be certain. Otherwise I think the plant looks healthy.

More pictures in the next reply.

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A side view. Closeup in the next reply.

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Last one, a closeup of the crown. Is my plant just bald on the one side or is it actually two plants?

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Looking at that last photo, that looks like two plants to me.


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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

I agree it looks like two plants, the second on being smaller.

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I think you actually might have had 3 plants and one is now nearly naked :)

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I agree with dognapper, there are at least three crowns though, the bald one may be a gonner. It also looks to me as though the media may be a bit dense. You might want to seperate and repot into something a little lighter. But, keep them in small pots.

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I'm sorry for such a long wait for a reply, Things got crazy around my house during the holidays.

Thank you all for confirming my suspicions. I separated the three crowns and planted the two live ones in mini pots made from dixie cups. I will be picking up some plastic pots for my violets tomorrow (as opposed to the terracotta ones that people were saying would absorb the plants' water).

Thank you again!

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