Mardel Coppersafe?

prc66(z6-7 So Or)July 18, 2008

Two of my fish in my 20 gallon tank were showing signs of anchorworm. So, I treated with Mardel Coppersafe. First of all they don't really tell you if you need to treat more than simply states that it's a one month treatment. What does that mean? That you treat once and it lasts for one month? Second of all, they tell you that it can be harmful to invertebrates, but they don't mention plecos...I only found out AFTER my rubber lip pleco died that it can kill plecos.

So my question to you is, have you used Coppersafe, how often did you treat, and did it harm your fish? Should I just change the water to remove the chemical?

Your help is appreciated.


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I've used Coppersafe occasionally over the years and it's never harmed my plecos. When I use it, I usually continue changing my water about once every week and a half or 2 weeks, as necessary, and I don't re-use the coppersafe for at least a month. I have found that adding the proper ammount of aquarium salt to the water often helps my fish more than even medications.

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