Eheim 2217 set up

sassyjerseygrlJuly 28, 2007

My husband just bot an Eheim 2217 canister filter to clean his 55 gallon tank. The tank has turned a seemingly irreversible green water. After setting up the canister - he had some trouble priming & initially was using the wrong tube. Once he figured this out - he got the water flowing through the canister - but the canister began leaking steadily which began to pool very quickly on the floor beneath the tank. He also lost the instructions & so we are at a loss as to what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated!

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james_ny(z7 NY)

First check the hose connections to the filter. Hopefully you have the double shutoff valves so you can disconnect the filter without loosing water. The intake tube is connected to the bottom connection on the cannister. If it's leaking at the top take the cannister apart and check and lubricate the 0-ring. I find a easy way to prime is to connect the top filter outlet to a bucket on the floor, suck the tube and water should start flowing. I power on the filter and let it run into the bucket until all air is purger, shut down and reconnect to outlet hose. User manuals are at

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