White Worms in Aquarium

karakittenJuly 23, 2008

I've have these tiny little white worms that swim in the water with a flaggelating motion and that crawl onto the grass lids of my aquariums- i was under the impression that if i were to do many water changes they would go away- not the case! I seem to have many less in my goldfish tank (30 gallons) cause the goldfish eat them when they swim. in my pleco/bala tank (80 gallons) they are much more prevelant. How do I get rid of these? they seem harmless but they are all over the glass and not even wiping them off seems to help. Supposedly they are from too much food but I have tried cutting back on food. help if you can please...

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Hi karakitten,
From your description, it sounds like you have planaria,a non-parasitic flatworm. They don't pose a threat to your fish. If you want to get rid of them for aesthetic reasons, you might try a snail removal product. Being invertebrates like snails, it should work. I had a tank overrun with so many snails I couldn't look through the glass and see my fish. Within 30 minutes of putting in the product, the snails were dropping to the bottom. All snails were dead after two days of treatment.

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Some fish will eat them as well. Can you scrape them off with an algae scraper?

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