Anyone heard of China Doll?

azpedsrn(Arizona)December 24, 2011

I got a China Doll at an african violet show about nine or ten years ago and haven't heard of it from anyone - not on violet forums, ebay, or different vendors. For the first few years it was just a so-so plant, but it just gets better with time. Now I can't remember the last time it was without blooms (and lots of them). Just wondering if anyone else has one??

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It's an old Irene Fredette variety and is in the FC2 computer program database.

China Doll (I. Fredette) Double rose-pink. Variegated dark green, plain. Standard

I'd love to have a couple of leaves if you'd like to do a trade. I love the Fredette varieties

Best Wishes,

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I looked at FC2 for I.Fredetta and found many AV's I would like to add to my collection. What grower has the best or most of these plants for sale. Thanks

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I'm up for a trade. I'm in Arizona, so we'll have to do it before it gets too hot here, but not too cold in other parts of the's a small window some years, but I've done it before. The variegation on the edges of the leaves is very thin but it's the same color pink as the blooms. Pretty.

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