Repotting day

azpedsrn(Arizona)December 27, 2011

I spent today repotting 50 african violets - my annual repotting. I'm tired and my feet are hurting, but my stand sure looks great; the violets are all trimmed, the algae and dirt cleaned from the water reservoirs, and the shelves washed. I know you all don't know me, but my friends and family can't understand why I'd spend a day this way, so I thought I'd come here where there are others with the same addiction and share my day. :)

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My addiction is rooting leaves. I am slowly running out of room. I have three trays of babies that need to be separated from momma leaf. I keep procrastinating and saying to myself "tomorrow I will tackle this job". It seems that tomorrow never comes, or stays long enough. LOL They are getting bigger every day. I have to get to them soon, before they start to bloom. Would you like to come and do the repotting? It seems you are very good at it, and in one day too. Quite an undertaking!!!!

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If I lived near you, I'd definitely help - it would be fun :) Three trays of babies, huh? That might be a weekend job instead of one day. I only put down leaves from five or six plants. I did have one poor little mini that gave me four suckers. Those are little bonuses.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hello there

It is still better than 5 trays of overgrown Streps I did on a Christmas day. I take violets any time!

Unless you want to sell them - do not keep all the babies, take 2 best ones from the solid color blossoms plants, and 3-4 from fantasies/edges etc. - try to select appropriate leaf color babies - like if mama-leaf has red backing - only take similar babies, do not take light colored ones - it'll probably be a sport -which is interesting - but not what you want to keep. Prepare your Sharpie marker, wick and fill your solo cups with soil - and just go assembly line. I am sure it can be done in several hours instead of several days. You can plunk the rest of the babies and mama- leaf back into the pot they were growing - and pass it to your AV friends as "plugs" - it will keep them occupied - if you cannot stand dumping them into the trash.

I think it is very relaxing to play with new plants in winter....

Good Growing!


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I have so many leaves and babies because I was in a few Round Robins this past August/September from different forums I belong to. Yes Irena, I will probably keep a few of each to send off this spring in RRs. I will be able to put in a bunch of the same, and hopefully the new members will be able to fill up their trays. LOL. I'm just starting to replenish the hundred that I lost in the past two winters. No fault of mine, just weather. I wasn't home to take care of them when they need me. It's a long sad story. But my collection is starting to look like it did before. I'm happy and want to share with my forum friends.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It seems to me you have more than 100 coming out of these 2 trays!

The good part - no matter what happens - you can get your collection back with a vengeance with good violet friends help.

I cleaned the shelves in 2006 after the virus outbreak - and now what - I am complaining that I have too many of them. I remember I got to our Sale after the disaster - and people were just giving me handfulls of leaves refusing to take money for them.


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