Sick Fish?

vengAugust 8, 2008


I have a 29 gallon tank with 5 rosey finned tetras, 5 zebra danios, three small algae eaters and a honey sunset gourami.

The last few days the gourami hasnt been looking very well. He started losing his orange color and turning white. He's also really bloated looking, and I havent seen him eat in a few days. I'm really worried. Does anyone know what might be troubling him??

We've had him for a long time, and so I dont think he has the gourami illness that is being said to be going around in the pet stores. I'm wondering if he's being stressed out by the movement of the zebra danios. They are the most recent addition to the tank (3 weeks ago), and they are a lot faster moving than the ones in it before.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Might try setting up a 10 gallon qt tank for him to observe him and see if he isn't as stressed. If he does have something you don't want it to spread to the other fish.

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If the danios are fresh addition from a store, they could have carried the feared "gourami sickness" into your tank. What does not affect them could hurt your gourami. Check the store you bought your danios from, and ask them to give you remedy against the "gourami sickness" they might have helped you to carry in your tank.

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