Anybody Into Natural Reef Tanks in S. Texas?

coconut_palm(9B/10A)August 1, 2007

I just recently moved to the Harlingen area of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and while my number 1 hobby is growing coconut palms, I also like having a marine aquarium. I wold like to have another 26 gal. natural reef tank like the one I had when I lived in Coral Springs, Florida. I prefer to collect my own live rock, fish and invertebrates. I also like to use natural seawater in my tank. I have have had vvery good results with this despite what a lot of the "experts" at a pet shop would say about never using natural seawater. Hey, the way I look at it is if I am going to be keeping native sea creatures from the local area, then why not use natural seawater? It's worked good for me. I like to collect my own specimens from the shore, especially around rocky areas like jetties. I have heard that the South Padre jetties have good visibility for snorkeling in August and September and may be good for collecting. Anybody got any good suggestions on exactly where to go and when to go there?


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adamharbeck(WA Aust)

Sorry, I live about as far away from south Texas as you can get but I agree 100% with using natural seawatrer. I used to live in teh tropics and collect all my own fish and live rock. I think its the best way to go and you can collect so many interesting things that you just cant buy in the shop, plus when you get bored or they outgrow thier tank you can take them back and get new stuff!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

gave up my reef tank after the last hurricane . Was without power a total of 42 days lol. I used to collect my own water and some specimens but the laws are getting so tough and it was getting very difficult to find a place without polluted water or bringing home something that either died poluted the water or both.
If you find a good place go for it . gary

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