new dark blue betta turning black

Ezzy1986(NSW Aust)August 14, 2005

HELP! I've already posted two messages and have only had these fish for less than a week! Maybe I'm just paranoid...

My new beautiful dark blue bettas head is turning black!! (or a blacky red) what could this be!?!?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Is this the one that was put in the larger tank? Possibly just showing his true colors? Do you have filtration in the tank?

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Ezzy1986(NSW Aust)

it's the one in the smaller bowl (soon to be upgraded, the end of this week at the latest)... he appears a lot more 'flighty' as well.... darting all over the place when i move him or put my hand near the bowl

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they have florecent lighting in the pet stores, so your betta is just showing his true colors in different light-just like paint : ). As for him being flighty, My betta is hyper, too- nothing to worry about.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Keep a cover on it that allows air flow. Dont want it to jump out if something startles it. Frequent water changes with a dechlorinator like Prime by Seachem if you have city supplied water.

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Minaku(z6 Pittsburgh)

Often the bettas in petstores are faded in color because of stress. What you see in the store is not the color you will get once the fish is in a good, spacious, warm home.

Don't worry - the color darkening or turning brighter is perfectly normal. Also, your fish will be jumpy for two weeks, give or take a week. Just leave him alone and let him adjust to his new home - it's a big change! In a couple of weeks he'll be curious and playful, and then you can be a crazy fish parent.

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