Mac's Virtually Velvet

carol222December 20, 2008

I have been trying to grow Mac's Virtually Velvet from leaf cuttings, but so far none of the plantlets is producing chlorophyll-containing leaves. I only have 3 original leaves, and all are producing white-leaf babies. Any suggestions on how I can get viable plants. Can I cut off the original leaf and replant it? Do I wait to see if variegated leaves eventually come up?


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I have had that happen.I moved the leaves to somewhere a little warmer on the shelves and they got some green on them.Just hang in there...:0)

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)

I read somewhere that fish emulsion might help. I received a small plant that was mostly white, and when I moved it closer to the lights on the shelf, the newer leaves are starting to grow out green. I'll be interested to read what everyone else might suggest... Good luck!

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