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naturelover_mtl(z5QC)August 15, 2005

My family and I will be away for about 4 days. We have two small tanks in the house in my children's rooms (each tank is about 2.5 gallons). Both are power filtered and both have a couple of Danios and a small shrimp. All our little water friends are perfectly healthy, highly active and seemingly happy. My concern is during our departure is their feeding schedule. What are our options? Should I get someone to come in and feed them? Can they survive for four days without daily feeding? Should I add a slow-release feeder (not sure exactly what it's called)? Any advice would be really appreciated. I'm a total amateur in this area and would love some help so I don't worry about them while we're gone.

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I keep tanks in my office. There are times when I've got a long weekend and my fish are absolutely fine after 3-4 days of no feeding. I will state, though, that I have small live plants growing in both these tanks (it's a pretty well lit office during the day, and I don't keep the lights on while I'm gone, either - plants do fine as well)

If you have someone handy to come in and feed, by all means, go ahead and do this. But in my opinion, the fish should do fine for four days without food.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

They should be fine for 4 days. The time release feeders (the white disolveing block type) have been reported to cause problems with water quality. If you have live plants then they deffinately will be fine. Avoid over feeding before going and when you come back. Stick to the normal ammounts as if you are home. When you gat back feed 1/2 the ammount as usual then an hour or so later feed the other 1/2.

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