Murderous Kribs

treefrog_calgary(zone 3a/3b)August 30, 2005

I have a 25 gallon planted tank. It has mainly African plants and plenty of wood (Malaysian bogwood and African Mopane) as well as floating plants. Filtration system works great, pH is low and every one is happy; everyone but the poor belly up fish that is.

ThereÂs a male/female pair of African Butterfly Fish, a pair of upside-down catfish, a breeding pair of Pelvicachromis pulcher plus a little female, and four Yellow tail Congo Tetras. The cichlid pair has a cave in which they attempt to spawn (they are new to this). They are fairly aggressive which I expected but theyÂve already killed three of my female Yellow Tails.

I plan on keeping the tank as an African biotope so I was wondering if anybody has any experience with any other West African fish that would put up with the breeding kribs. The Yellow Tails arenÂt very tough and I fear they wonÂt last very long. All the other fish in the tank seem to be getting along. The smaller female krib kind of helps distribute the aggression but IÂm not sure if she can stay too long as the tank isnÂt very big.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. While IÂm at it does anybody know of an algae eater for a West African biotope aquarium?



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woeisme(z7b NC)

I think Kribs are known to get very aggressive when reaching the breeding age until they figure out pecking order(tank dominance) I have read at this stage some have to be isolated from the community tank(in some cases).Maybe even a flow thru type divider. Allthough Oto cats are from S.America and not in the bio-tope, they do a great job in plantted tanks.Maybe try or or more specialized advice along with members here who are familiar.

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