gary368August 20, 2007

i have a 150 gal show aquarium it is about 32 inch deth my light is 4 each 96 watt sunpaq (power compact) 96 x 4 =384 div 150 = 2.56 a gal . i have a milwaukee sm700 lux light meter with waterproof probe. i put the probe on the botton my aquarium and the reading was 450-500 lux. can some one tell me what the conversion is watt per gal ?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

It depends on the lights spectural wavelenghth(s). Each colors wavelength has its own formula to get the LUX. I would do a google or yahoo search on LUX conversion if you know "exactically" what particular wavelength you want to convert. Is the lighting for freshwater plants or marine corals and such? Or, what exactly do you need to know this for?

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I did some research for you. If you go here, it will state the following. It is a very nice, understanding article.

The lux is one lumen/meter2, and accordingly the corresponding radiometric unit, which has no special name, is the watt/meter2. There is no single conversion factor between lux and watt/meter2; there is a different conversion factor for every wavelength, and it is not possible to make a conversion unless one knows the spectral composition of the light.

Here is a link that might be useful: wiki

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