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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)December 19, 2009

I've read the post on how to post pics and can not find browse button to click to find pic on my PC. usually there is a slot with BROWSE and you click and go to MY PICTURES and click on pic and there you go. any help will be appreciated. Pembroke

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I think your trying to find a picture stored on your pc to share right? If so,,,try doing a pc search for the name you titled the picture as.
If you just took a picture with your camera you would need to hook the camera to your pc and review the pictures on the camera. When you find the picture you then can save it to your pc where ever you choose. (Desktop, My Pictures,,,etc.).
You can also load the saved picture from your pc to a web based picture sharing site such as Webshots or Snapfish,,etc. After you load it to one of these sites then you can get the address link to share the picture right in a post.
Hope I am making sense to you!,,,Debbie

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Hi Pembroke,

The browse button appears after you click the Preview Message button in the Gallery sections (there is a Gallery link to the right of the On-Topic Discussions title).

The link below explains Gallery linking and other ways of picture posting in detail. There is even a test forum to try things out at

For example, the photo below is on Photobucket and the HTML code shown on Photobucket for the picture is copied directly into the Message text on this forum (no browse button is involved).

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: How do I post a photo?

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

I have the picture on my PC and know how to upload if browse button is there. Question: If I go to gallery and PREVIEW POST and click on BROWSE and upload photo does message and photo go back to ON TOPIC DISCUSSIONS for all to see and read? Again thanks for all your help. Pembroke

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No Pembroke, the photo won't go back to the On-Topic Discussions section. What you can do is put a message referring to your Gallery posting in the On-Topic Discussions.

To the best of my knowledge (if anyone knows otherwise, please tell us), if you want a photo to appear here you need to first upload it to a server, for example a web-based picture sharing site such as Photobucket, Webshots, Snapfish, etc., like Debbie said (I used Photobucket for the picture in my previous post. It was free to set up an account there and easy to upload photos). Pictures on a sharing site can then easily appear in different forums, web pages, etc.

It's fun to see everyone's pictures. Hope to see yours soon!

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