Dalmation Mollies

NitaNowAugust 19, 2005

I know that mollies are livebearers, so I am REALLY confused as to why, after removing the male of the group, from the tank one of my females showed signs of being pregnant. While I was researching, I found that they can save the semen for quite a while (he was only taken out about a week previously) but she never had her fry. She seemed to explode, literally. There was an egg sack extending from her very large abdomen, but it looks like the fry never really developed. Is this possibly caused because I removed him after she was ready to recieve the sperm but didn't have access to it or is this some really strange virus/disease that I haven't seen before?

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Is she still big? It does look alarming when they're pregnant - and like they're about to explode. Before birth, they're abdomen will look squarish - then babies are born!

Lots of things can go wrong with pregnancies. So no, it has nothing to do with your removing the male. Babies develop in the abdomen because the eggs have already been fertlized by the sperm. If not, there would have been no developing babies and no fattening mom.

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If your molly is stressed she will sometimes drop eggs that are not developed or not fully developed. If the eggs look like they are close to being fully developed..sometimes the development will continue and they will hatch like egg laying fish. If the development isn't that far along.....they will just fungus so its best to remove from your tank. This happens sometimes with livebearers...so no it is not a virus/disease.

There are many things that can cause stress and for this to happen. Moving the fish itself, or maybe water conditions. You mentioned removing the male...perhaps this caused stress to the female...if she was chased around the tank at that time. This also sometimes happens if its her first batch of fry.

And yes the female can have several batches of fry after the male has been removed. Perhaps her next batch of fry will be more successful.

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