weak flowers

donivan2009(6a)December 1, 2010

hey guys,

I have a question about the flowers on a couple of my plants.

One of them looks healthy and happy except that the flowers stems seem weak. Almost as if the flowers are too heavy for the stalk and they lean over and the flower doesn't stand up like they used too. It still has little blossoms but sometimes they never open and die off, other times they open and bloom, but lean over like the rest. All the leaves and foliage look healthy and strong. What's the problem?

Another plant of mine has a different problem. All the flowers, including new blooms, have a white stain all over them. At first I thought it was botrytis and powdery mildew, but the white stuff doesn't clean off. Its a stain. New blooms open up with the white stuff all over them. Now, recently, the flowers are dieing off rather quickly. they turn brown and wilt faster than before. It still puts out new blooms though, and all the foliage looks beautiful and clean! Whats going on with my plants? Someone please help!!

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I'm sure someone can guess but if you know the varieties and could tell us what soil mixture and fertilization you use, it might help. (Some varieties do have weak flower stems in relation to the size of the blooms.)


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Would be nice if you could post pics.

Usually if the plant is healthy - the flowers are as well - unless it is a weak stem variety as Diana mentioned. Something else is going on.


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