Help my betta!

bubbles923August 4, 2008

So I have had Bubbles for about 6 months now and have never had a problem with him other than hes an extremely picky eater (only eats bloodworms). Hes in about a 2 gallon bowl with a plant and has never had a heater. Hes always acted very happy and swims around a lot and likes to watch us while we are cooking and eating. He seems to like to be at the top of the bowl and hes always blowing bubbles (hence his name!)

Well I went out of town for about 4 days and got these things that the guy from the pet store reccomended. You just put a tablet in the bowl and it feeds your fish while your gone. Well when I got home he was still alive but the water was really slimey looking at the top and stunk REALLY bad! He was also very lethargic looking, just sitting in one place and not moving a lot which is very unlike him. I immiediately changed the water and seemed a little better but I havent been able to get him to eat. About a week has gone by now and hes still not eating and is just laying at the bottome- somtimes on his side. Occasionally he will come to the top but he seems to twitch a lot and then he will go back down to the bottom.

Does anyone have any suggestions on things I can try? Ive tried feeding him pellets again but he wont even come to the top when I put the food.

Please help! The sooner the better!

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I would keep up with the water changes and add a bubbler pump to get him more oxygen. I would stop feeding for a few days and then see if he is hungry. Might get something like stresscoat to help build up his slime coat a little too. Good luck.

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