Aquarium Buddies meds

kirap(TN z7)August 4, 2005

My one grandsons 10 gal community tank had a severe case of fungal and fin/tail rot and other problems.......they never listen to old granddad and grandmomma tell em to watch what fish you buy and QT them its amazing the tank they have has gone this long withjout a problem. There was a few fish which showed signs of secondary infection as well. Anyhow he calls me and asks if I can come and doctor his fish.......I don't normally have much except for some PP which is my mainstay and injectable antibiotics (baytril) for my koi, so I stopped by the petstore on my way to his place to see what I could find that may help his problem. I found a packet of 8 or 10 tablets about the size of a half dollar called Fungus Away or something like that. Its simply called Aquarium Buddies and the tablets are effervescent, in that they fizz when you plop em in the water just like an alka seltzer does....I wa kind of skeptical, but tried them.....They claim to cure hemeoragic bacterial infections, fungal problems and fin and tail and mouith rot, and some other maladys......One tablet per 10 gal of water, and 4 days later do a partial water change and dose again if needed......I have to say they really surprised me, as the fish were noticeably better each day, but I told him to do the water change and dose em one more time........Did not loose a single fish, and the meds did not make a mess, and best of all it worked as advertised.. So if your in need of a med and it fits the symptons, I would not hesitate to use it again, as it gave excellent results in my sons community tank. Seems like their mom and dad always let them buy any old fish they see that they ike and just put it in thr community tank, but after this affair I think they all seen the light come on when they saw their fish get so sick.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Most fin/tail rot will go away if the water is improved without medication (optional). Make sure they gravel vaccum at least once every 2 weeks(weekly is better). For smaller tanks the use of a purigen bag in the filter will help "polish" the water. Also frequent partial water, changes every other day at 20%,until the water is "clean".

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isis_nebthet(8b/11suns SoCA)

I've had mixed results with the jungle buddies medicines. Maracyn never fails me though.


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