wild water lilie is growing

jrc356August 5, 2012

can any one tell me if this wild Lillie which has already started growing is either just as good or better than other plants in the aquarium if it continues to thrive i leached it out in regular tap water for two days pruned off the dead leaves and planted it and the Lillie root sprouted knew stems and in 3 days it reached the top of the water

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this is the one that has reached the top

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

The main problem with lillies is size and light needs. in an aquarium. Even the dwarf tpes get 5/6 inches in diameter. There are some super dwarf african types that stay under 3 incehes. The leaves MUST float so block light to other plants You can prolong this by snipping the floating pads but eventually outgrow even large tanks.
They certainly will grow though some will even flower.

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Might block out light to your other plants. I have a few Nymphaea Stellata 'red' in my tank and I have 5 pads at the surface. the biggest one is about 4" long and 3" wide

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