Popsicle gets some training.

sierra_z2bAugust 2, 2006

Okay since this was going to be a rather boring uneventful summer for Sicle....since he wasn't going to get his new home and some new shu's, to be sent off to school with.....we decided that perhaps some training might keep this very naughty splashy fish entertained.

So day 1 of training.....try hand-feeding....stick fingers in top corner (feeding corner) of tank, holding a shrimp pellet.........Sicle was swimming around until this happened.....he then dashes to the lower other side of the tank. Hmmmmm Here fishy fishy fishy. ;-)

This continues on for several days.

Day 6......Here fishy fishy fishy....fingers back in feeding corner of tank with shrimp pellet......Sicle dashes to the lower other end of the tank....whips around, swims as fast as he can and my fingers........and...KERSPLAH....I am totally soaked....Bad BAD BAD fish. Now I don't know if that is because he was insulted because I was calling him fishy fishy fishy or because my fingers were in his aquarium.

This continued for several days..

Day 14.......Sicle doesn't have to run and hide when I put my fingers in the tank....He swims around and just ignors them.......he comes up to the front corner to take a closer look at me. Session ends with a big KERSPLASH...Me thinks this fish has quite a sense of humour.

Day 17....Sicle swims around a bit after I put my fingers in the tank, with the food. He swims up to the front to look at me.....then slowly over to my fingers and takes the shrimp pellet. Yay he did it. KERSPLASH KERSPLASH....just to let me know he is still boss of this aquarium.

Now its Day 20 and he doesn't mind being hand fed at all. As for the splashing....I dunno....I still think he thinks thats a big joke. Hmmmmmmmmm

Sierra ;-)

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With this heatwave going, I'd be HAPPY to have Popsicle splash water on me!!

haha - I think he's just saying what the heck are you doing just dangling your fingers in here? Why don't you just jump in?!! All those splashes are - *hint hint*...

oh duuuhhhhhh

PS - I just found a 1 year old most likely koishu in the pond... I _know_ Poppy is just waiting for company!!

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oh duuuhhhhhhhhh

Well if I jumped in.....that would be one B I G SPLASH!!! :O

The weather is actually cool here and its been stormy for about a week. The heavy rains have flattened my garden. :-(

I wish I lived closer, I would be taking one of those koishus off your hands. The search continues but in the meantime....

Sicle must be kept entertained....maybe he is part dolphin and would like to jump through hoops instead of just splashing me. hmmmmm

Poppy-sicle the circus fish....giggle

Sierra ;-)

PS....ohhhh its so nice to know nothing about fish. LOL!

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i forgot how much i missed popsicles antics and your posts! thanks!

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Poppy needs some company!!

Like Big Mouth here...

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Thanks fairy_toadmother, we just never know what Poppy-sicle will do next. ;-) Welcome back.

"Dinner time, hey Big Mouth move over, we want some tooooo" sez the little fishies.

Oh you've gotta have some good stories with him in the pond.

Very pretty.


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