tighebettaloverAugust 23, 2006

Ok, so I realized my platy has dropsy, and, being relatively new at this fish business, I've never had dropsy before. How do you cure it? Should I isolate the fish? Is it contagious? Is it fatal? HELP!!!!

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Dropsy is not curable, sadly. I have had some fish here and there recover - like a betta I had years back recovered after massive water changes after an initial dosing of an antibacterial medicine. Easier to frequent water changes with a 3 gallon tank. And I've had a couple of neons just recover on their own - however they did it. I didn't do anything myself pretty much thinking they were doomed.

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Well, it is sad....but I just pull the fish.:-( No point in the fish suffering.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

As far as I know Dropsy is not contagious. I have read the only way it can be passed on is by a fish eating the dead dropsy fish. People have claimed to "cure" it, but the thing is fish disease is sometimes misdiagnosed. The fish may have just been constipated or even pregnant. I have a red platy that get's "dropsy-like" when very pregnant. If you want to try to cure it, isolate it before using medication. Anti-bacterial medicines can sometimes kill your bio-filter. I have had fish with dropsy live over 6 months.I had one last only a few hours after noticing the bloat (a gourami). I tried med after med and nothing worked. It never "appeared" to me to be suffering or acting any different then normal except for the bloated appearance. This is a personal choice, but if you decide to try a cure you may have to euthanize if when it starts to really show signs of death.

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Thanks for all your help everyone. The poor thing died a couple days ago. I bought medicane but it was died after the first medication. Well, that's life I guess.
Good news however. NEW BABY! One of my platys had babies. I've seen two and caught one. I don't know which one had it, though, they both look pregnant! Can't tell what gender yet. We'll see, I guess!

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Be aware that dropsy usually will occur because of poor water maintenance. I know I've had fish that have suddenly developed dropsy when I've skipped a water change or not noticed that a filter is clogged and the water quality declining.

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Yes thats true sky, and I have also seen dropsy, after the fish have been shipped. Shows up 2 days to a week or two later. Again probably from the poor water quality in the shipping bags.

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I saved my goldfish who had dropsy. He was bloated and looked like a pine cone. It took about 9 days of treatment with Marcyn 2 for goldfish and epsom salts. The directions for the Maracyn 2 is for a 10 gallon tank so I had to break it down into smaller doses. It was really guess work. The epsom salts directions I got off the internet were for a ten gallon tank too. Just a few (5 or 6) grains a day helped control and bring down the swelling. I also used the tank light. He seemed to enjoy it's warmth. That may have helped too. I moved the other two fish into a ten gallon tank and isolated the sick one in the old tank after a good tank cleaning and filter change. The improvement started right away. The bloating is completely gone and he is darting around the tank like a new fish is in there. It can be done. I DO NOT recommend a small tank even for only a few fish. Get at least a ten gallon tank. The small one's are nearly impossible to keep clean. That is why he got sick. I tried and tried to keep a good balance of natural bacteria and clean water and filters in that tank, but it was a hassle. The ten gallon tank has been WONDERFUL! Today I get to put Mystery (who was sick) into the 10 gallon tank with Fred and Goldie. Victory!

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