How to Clean Out Reef Algae and Deposit?

dzguy(9b)August 17, 2005

Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a used glass tank that was previously used as a reef set up. The tank is covered with all kind of algae and deposit on its sides. I need to clean it up before I can turn it into a fresh water set up. Anyone know the best way to remove all the algae and deposit without scratch up the tank? Your input is greatly appreciated.



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kirap(TN z7)

They make a plastic bladed scraper as well as a metal blade scraper at most LFS's. Is this an acrylic or glas tank? You can soak either type in a stong mix of vinegar and water, and if its a glass tank you can use a scotch brite pad (green color) or a wadded up bunch of nylong netting commonly sold in fabric stores etc for veils, or use a nylon pot scrubber.......You can use nylon veil material and nylon pot scrubbers on acrylic as well...But allowed to soak in a strong white vinegar mix will loosen up and dissolve a lot of the deposits and algae that little scrubbing is going to be needed.

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Hi Kirap,
Thanks for your tips. Is there a cheap source of vinegar, as I need to clean 155 gallons glass tank?


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woeisme(z7b NC)

Just the no-frills brand at your local grocery. Should only go for a $1 a gallon. Another posibility is CLR or Limeaway. It is safe for coffee pots so I guess it becomes inert after it is rinsed away. I used it for a 55 gal that was freebee also had reef setup with lots of calcium deposits. No problems afterward. Also can dump a couple gallons of the vinegar in and fill the rest with water. Let your filter or pumps run it until the stuff disolves. Then flush with freshwater a few times.

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kirap(TN z7)

Even household chlorox can be used to remove algae growth from tank. Rinse thouroughly after its clean and allow to air dry. Chlorine based cleaners like Chlorox has a very short lifespan once its exposed to sunlight so it would not hurt a thing after a few hours of setting in the sun. I used to keep up a mix of potasium permangante to dip my nets into and clean QT tanks etc. Now all I have been using for about a year is regular old chlorox to dip my nets into, rinse off after a bit, and allow to air dry.....smae for the QT tanks.....

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sjv78736(austin texas)

if the above suggestions do not do the job - use muratic acid...keep your water hose running nearby, it will dilute the acid sufficiently if it gets on something u do not wish it to be on. rinse the tank well and let it dry completely before set great for native rocks, shells, corals and anything else you wish to put in your tank.

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You guys are great! Now, I need to set my time aside to lean the tank. Thanks

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