Black moor problems

jill1979August 9, 2006

My black moor had one of his eyes pop out, so I started treating it with Maracyn-Two and I am on the sixth day and no change. I also tried salt for two days and nothing. Does anyone have any advice of what I can do for popeye or the guy at the store said it could be a fluke.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

As far as I know pop-eye is not contagious. It somties goes away without treatment. Maracyn2 seems to be the treatment of choice. Be careful with maracyn2 though, check ammonia levels frequently. Maracyn2 is not supposed to harm bio-filter bacteria but often does. Ironically maracyn1 states that it will destroy the bio-filter but I never had it happen. Stupid question but before treatment did you remove the activated carbon in your filter? I have heard that raising the water temp can help also. I don't keep black moor or any goldfish, but usually raising the using a heater to 78F should be OK short term. Other reasons for a pop-eye besides pop-eye itself is TB or Dropsy. Again, pop-eye usually isn't deadly or contagious unless it is a symtom of another disease. If you use salt regularly, possibly use tablesalt with iodine. Iodine is used in tablesalt to prevent goiters and growths in humans. It does the same for fish and is actually a trace element found in freshwater tropicals as well as coldwater fish. Most water supplies have little to no iodine.
I wouldn't worry about the popeye unless the fish is unhealthy other wise.

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I'm a little confused here. Did the eye fall out, or did it get the disease pop-eye (cloudy and/or swollen eye(s)?

Don't listen to that employee because flukes are COMPLETELY different from either of those. Flukes are nearly invisible parasites that prey on the external body or gill tissue. The best treatment for flukes is definately aquarium salt and prazi.

Pop-eye should be treated immediately with an anti-bacterial medication like one of the maracyns as woe said.

If the eye actually fell out, add some aquarium salt and keep the water very clean. The socket should heal in quickly in clean water and fish often do very well without one or both eyes.

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Do any of you know about little tiny "grose" looking squigly worms that are visible swimming in my tank.... please help. do i treat my tank, they are not bothering my fish but just freely swiming...

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Surfer, in the future, please create your own thread for your questions. It takes the original thread off topic or your question may not be seen.

Anyways, the worms in your tank are probably planaria or something similar. Planaria will not harm your fish, but they do show up in aquariums with too much waste in the tank, whether its rotting plants or fish mulm. How often do you do water changes? Do you use a gravel syphon? I'd up your waterchanges to 40% weekly with a syphon until the problem goes away, and then adjust the routine from there.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

"Meat" type foods are a big contributer to Planeria worms. Planeria have a kind of triangle head. Good "housekeeping" as hippy said will help. Careful of over feeding. Carnivore/omnivore fish will eat and enjoy them also. Another posibility is mosquito larva. If there isn't enough movement on the water surface mosquitos can gat in and lay eggs.

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No, the eye hasn't popped out yet. It is unbeleivably huge. I feel awful for him. I have tried Maracyn for 10 days an dnow have switched to tetracycline tablets as I did the max maracyn allowed and can follow up with this other stuff. Unfortunatly like an idiot I forgot to take the carbon filter out until about four days ago. Even so nothing has happened and it has been 13 days of treatment. He is very healthy but I just can't stand how big his eye is and it is very red some days in the bottom of it. Any other suggetions? All I can do in two days is put him back in the community tank as woe says and hope for the best. Why won't it go away though or get smaller?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

If you didn't remove the activated carbon before using the Maracyn2 then the fish didn't get the full dose and maybe the reason there was no noticeable improvment. The carbon removes toxins as well as medications. So you really you only treated the fish for 4 days. Most medications will require removal of activated carbon before treatment. Give him the tetracycline and see what happens.

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I treated my moors for ick they recovered but now they have white rings around their eyes is this popeye disease if so what do I do?

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I have the same problem with my black moor as I am reading in this forum. After weeks of watching the rings form around his eyes where there used to be skin, the right eye started to protrude a little bit this morning. Then, his eye did in fact fall out. He is ok otherwise though. I cannot believe he isn't dead but I am glad he is hanging on. It looks like he might be able to live anyway. However, the socket looks awful and he does have skin hanging off. Is there a way to eliminate that so he doesn't have to be any more uncomfortable than he must already be. We have other fish so we got a divider so that they do not pick at him. What else should I do?

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If he has a bacterial issue I would treat with Tetracycline and aquaium salt. If he has anjury that has healed like a human scar, then that's as far as we can go.

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Hi.....I have 2 black moors...I am new at keeping fish so I am not much help but I wish all your fishes get better....I will try to research more on the pop eye and post it if I find something more than what everyone else has suggested. Good Luck!

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I have a calico telescopic with the same condition (one eye larger then the other; one deflated). Woeisme, are you saying that raising the temp to 78F will help with this condition? I don't want to treat him just yet because I asked an employee at the fish store and she told me that it might be stress. I've noticed that the other, more active fish pick at him. I've separated him from the other fish but I don't want to keep him there.

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I have a small black moor in a 55 gallon tank with a small fan tail, a 3-4 inch dragon fish, same size knife fish, 2.5 inch bala shark and a 6 inch plecostomas. All have seemed to get along okay, a couple weeks to a month now...and today I noticed the moor's eyes are GONE! There are little craters where they once were. Why? He seems to be doing alright without them...will he die? Can they grow back, as I have read they can sometimes, or in his case, are they too far gone? should I do anything for him?

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hey there guys, we have had a black moor goldfish for about 4 months now and just this morning I noticed he has a big white cloudy bubble on his eye. just wondering how to get rid of it!


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