Cloudy water

zebra1157(4a-4b)August 7, 2005

I have a 35 gal. tank, with 7 small gold fish, I waited 2 days to add the fish and I also added bottled bacteria,

Ok The problem is my water always looks cloudy, But when I take some of the water out of the tank, into a clear glass it looks crystal clear

Can anyone tell me why my water in the tank looks so cloudy


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woeisme(z7b NC)

I would guess the lighting in the aquarium is a standard aquarium bulb and the color enhanceing feature lets you see more "clearly". What additive did you use? Some additives cloud water. New tanks also go through a cloudy period when the nitrogen cycle starts. This is normal, not to worry. Only concern is too many fish too soon. 3- 2" goldies would have been better and no reason to add more as they would have grown into the 35gallon tank. 7 is "ok" for now but as they grow you may want to divde them into seperate tanks or get a larger tank. I am assumeing they are 1-2" now.

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Thanks for your quick response,I was thinking maybe it was the light also but then I realized that it was cloudy even when the light is off.So it must be the nitrogen cycle, Does this usually take long to fix itself my tank has been set up for 10 days now, And it is really starting to make me crazy, I had a 5 gallon for years and never did I have any problems.
Thanks again

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woeisme(z7b NC)

This is common for new tanks and clears itself. "Usually". Fish load is a factor. Goldies excrete alot of waste. Daily 10% water changes will help. A test set for pH,Ammonia and Nitrite is a good idea for cycleing. I wouldn't rely on the petstore for testing. If it continues after a month try a canister filter. The H.O.T Magnum by Marineland is a good one. It is on sale now at now for about $50. Well worth it. You can also get some D.E. powder and add it on the outside od the micron cartridge and let it run overnite. Your water will be crystal. DO NOT DO that before it is cycleing though.

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I just did a testing on my tank and found the ammonia levels slightly elevated as well as elevated ph (@8.4 range--our city water sucks). I treated the water for both according to directions on the packaging for both treatments last night and now this morning it cloudy as well. I also have a lot of air bubbles gathering at the top of the water. Is this normal?

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Well my water is already getting alot clearer, And yes I do intend on getting a test kit for the aquarium.Thanks for all your help

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Kat- Is your tap water 8.4 or does it rise after being added to the aquarium. If it does then it could be some decor or gravel. Seashells, and ceramic decorations will raise pH. Certain gravel can raise pH, unfortunatly even some that state it will not alterpH. Estee's is an example. Some rocks can raise pH. Also if you have any CO2 in the tap water and you have heavy aeration (airstones,bubble wands. etc,)it will release the CO2 and raise pH. Now that contradicts what I am about to say about the bubbles on the surface. If I recall anew set up will get slightly foamy bubbles. It could also be protein in the water. Usually a little surface agitation will help keep it clear. I also have high pH tap. I dont reccomend additives like pH down. It is a constant battle. 8.2 is fine for most tropicals and is ideal with African rift lake cichlids, brackish water and saltwater fish. The best way to lower pH is CO2 injection. If you keep live plants they thrive with CO2.

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I agree about trying to "fix" the ph with something like ph down. Then when you do water changes it's like you're back to square one trying to get it back to your ph goal. I find it's easier to just keep fish that are more adaptable to the ph you get out of your tap. And many fish are pretty flexible.

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