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zozzl(z9 FL)August 22, 2005

I have an aquarium I am using to grow marginal water plants, so there is only about 3 inches of water in it. I am wondering if anyone could recommend a grow light bulb that really improves plant growth. It would have to be one of the short bulbs that screws in and under 25 watts. Currently I am trying an Aqua Glo but is there some in the size I need that would work better? Thanks! Pat M.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

If you shop Walmart get the "Daylight" by "Lights of America". They are in the regular lightbulb aisle. To make sure on the base by the screw part it will say 6500K. This stands for Kelvin Degrees which is the colors of the spectrum that are emitted. They have high red/orange and blue/violet colors. The green/yellow colors on the "soft white" and "cool white" are almost usless for plants. Theese are compact fluorescent type, the spiral looking kind. They come in 2-packs from 15-35 watt Fluorescent for about $8 or individualy for about $5. In the Aquarium aisle they have 10 watt 6500K the same type but are about$7 each. I do a lot of DIY projects for aquarium and gardening, I do not work for Wally world. LOL. If you'd rather go to Home Depot or Lowes I can direct you to the correct aisle but you will pay double. Also "lights of america" are made in the good old USA. I have used these bulbs for aquatic plants as well as starting seeds indoors during the winter.

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zozzl(z9 FL)

Thank you very much! Pat M.

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edhall(z5 nwlowerMI)

woeisme give out great information on the bulbs, but have you thought about changeing your fixture to a floresent tube? This will give you a more even light through out your tank. Just a thought

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Yes, I also use phillips brand, "daylight deluxe" from Home Depot, 2- 40w 6500K 48" tubes $7. 20w 6500K 24" about $6 per. I also use a reflector on the topside of the bulbs and the sides of the canopy, well allaround actually, so no light is wasted. This can be done with aluminum foil, mirrors, shiny foil duct tape or a commercial relector meant for the purpose. The DIY ones are just to save cash. Screw in sockets vs. ballasts. I even have shoplights 48" over 5-10 gal. plant only tanks. LOL thanks for the suggestion though.

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