wake up!!!

m3rma1d(inside)December 8, 2008

Why is everyone so quiet?? :-p

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I was wondering that myself.....

We are sort of remote up here, I guess the rest of the country could have disappeared and we wouldn't know for a while. Remember "On the Beach" from the 60's?

May be time to get my tinfoil hat out again!


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Hi Ladies
I was wondering that myself! I thought the Gardenweb system might have "crashed" or something.

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hi all, i was waiting for ya'll to entertain me again, ya'll are so informitive ,funny , so entertaining!!!!molly

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I'm awake but covered up with to do list and I've posted so much lately I figured you all might want a break from me for a few days :/

I inherited a few more light fixtures and lots and lots of supplies for AVs and I have also been elected as the President of our local AV society.

This is a really busy time of the year for my business and I haven't been sure if I'm coming or going here the past few days.

I've got all this stuff floating around in my head that I want to do/say but it'll have to wait.

Oh! one cool thing that is going on is that I have 5 seed pods on my one Charita Tamiana plant. I didn't know that so many would come on just one plant. When these things shake out and the pod dries, I'll have enough seeds to germinate the entire county. Hopefully in the spring, I'll have lots of babies to share.


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dora, you are on the go again,huh? did you check " dave's garden" about charita tamiana ? they say i can bloom in 6 months from seed? now thats fast.they kinda look like violets,don't they? later, molly

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I'm taking the day off today. I'll check DG and see what they say about the Charita Tamiana.

I adore the blooms off this plant.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dora - just do not sow all 5 pods. what you are going to do with a dense mat of 50,000 seedlings?

yes Chirita Tamiana can go to bloom in 6 months. The secret is to repot it every 2 weeks or at least lift it and plop it back. It stimulates them.

But really - do not sow more than 25 seeds. Fresh seeds have 100% germination - and they will be strangling one another - they will look like bean sprouts mmixed together.

It is not as floriferous as AVs - but it is pretty good.

I love it too


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someone said to put only the seeds from one pod into the paper holder and when you get ready to sow them, only do one half of what you can see.
They look like microscopic grains of sand.

One of the things that I'm thinking about is how do you get them sprinkled on the dirt and spread out? Can you pinch them between your fingers and just rub the fingers over the prepared medium or will that crush/ruin them? I read an article in a past AVSA magazine about propogating them but it doesn't say the best way to get them 'onto' the medium.
any suggestions?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dora -

in my experiment I just rubbed the pod above the plastic box with soil - just a bit - and they popped up all over. You can see the seeds - but they are hard to pinch. Since you do not need all that sprouted - you fish out and repot as many as you want - the strongest ones - and discard the rest.

I heard one of the ways is to put as many as you think you need on a piece of paper, fold it and try to shake them out of the fold.


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I looked at the number of seeds in my paper holder with my jeweler's loop and there are about 50 seeds from that one pod.

I have 4 pods right now that are fattening up on the plant. They haven't fallen off yet. Should I remove them?


i like the idea of putting them on a paper and sprinkling them.

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Hi, Mermaid

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Hello dear how are you? :-)

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