Does my Betta have Fin Rot?

icurfubarSeptember 10, 2012

I all, I have had a Betta for about 3 weeks. First week he was in a big jar, which was always clean. Next 2 weeks he was in a fish bowl and as of yesterday he has his own filtered tank (it was a working progress). My problem is that I was away for the 2 weeks that he was in the bowl and because it had a live plant inside it, it got very dirty and my housemates took no notice. He's in a big clean tank now but I can see a little white on the edges on all his gorgeous fins :-( I'm just wondering if this is the start or the end? I'll race into the pet store first thing tomorrow if he needs meds. I know you can't see him but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

Sounds like he might unfortunately...good news is it is curable...It takes a different amount of time for each fish...Just Go to your local aquarium and fish shop and ask for their best medication for fin rot. I cant remember the one i have always used but they will be able to help you. I always leave my medication in the tank for as long as possible. Do not change the water. Just top up the tank as it evaporates. The medication i use turns the water a blue colour. Put him in a small tank..anything less then 5litres as you then wont have to use as much medication. Once you are sure that the fin rot is gone you can then change the water in the tank.

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First of all, NEVER, EVER allow someone else care for your fish while you are away. They can NEVER care for your fish like you can. Unless they know how to care for fish.

Put him in a 2-1/2 gallon aquarium. It's only $14 at PetSmart and with a small heater you betta will thank you for it!

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