AV Chimera 'Suncoast Coral Razz'

hiltonridge(z5ME)December 3, 2011

Went to a local greenhouse this morning and purchased an AV labeled "Suncoast Coral Razz".I thought there must be two different plants in the pot.One flower was a coral fantasy another a double blue.Once I got it home I realized there were three different flowers on different stocks.One flower is a single coral fantasy another a semi double coral fantasy and the third a double blue.The leaves are different too some are light green and some are dark.My question is this-If I can root the flower stocks would each bloom true? I mean would I get the three different flowers.I'm new to this and for $2.50 it's pretty interesting.Thanks!

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


Suncoast Coral Razz is a "fantasy;" not a chimera. Suncoast Coral Razz Sport is the chimera. Send photos if you can; that always helps.

For $2.50 you got quite a bargain...the kind I never seem to find. :-)

Have fun growing,


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