Adding RCS to aquarium

Drewet88(9 SF Bay Area)September 17, 2013

Hello everyone I've returned with a random question about adding some Red Cherry Shrimp to my 20 gallon guppy tank. Since I've wanted RCS for some time and haven't been able to find them locally I bought some ghost shrimp about a month or so ago. I started with 10 but normally never see more than 7 at a time. There are plenty of hiding spots and now that I'm upgrading my light set up there will be more aquatic plants (I currently have Anarcharis and fake plants).
If I'm able to locate some RCS should I add them in while the ghost shrimp are in there, I heard some ghost shrimp types will attack other shrimp. The only other option for the ghost shrimp would be for them to go in my red eared sliders tank and become snacks. Actually everything thats in the guppy tank will eventually become turtle food.
If I get some RCS will I need to do anything different than what I did with the ghost shrimp?

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Drewet88(9 SF Bay Area)

Ok, guess theres no input...

Anyway I ordered the rcs and turned the aquarium into a planted tank with amazon swords, hornwort, and more eloda.
The ghost shrimp will go into the turtle tank when the rcs arrive because I heard there are two species of ghost shrimp. One type is violent to other shrimp and the other isnt. Since I dont know which species I have I rather be safe than sorry.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

sorry, this forum is slow. i've seen other shrimp co-exist, not sure about ghosts. good luck

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