have you seen marbled BLACK convicts?

woodnative(6)September 19, 2006

The common, ever-breeding, tank-terrorizing convict cichlid. The "wild" striped form and the "pink" form are common. You will also find "Calico Convicts" which look like the pink with a varying degree of random black splotching.

However, in the local chain pet store I recently saw an individual convict which looks like a wild, striped convict with the extra, random black areas. Half of its caudal fin and most of the anal fin are black, with some small, random black areas on his side. Much like a "Calico" convict on a striped background. I never saw this before. This is a healthy individual and the black is pigment, not disease. Anyone else seen this?

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Nope can't say I have ever seen marble concict cichlids, but then, I haven't seen the calicos either.

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There are some chiclid breeders trying for all black convicts. Why, I don't know, but you may have seen some breeder's culls.

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Although I wasn't looking to get convicts, I bought this individual shortly after my last post. He has already grown a lot!! The black is quite nice, and does not fade with the mood of the fish. Two other males in the original tank also had some black speckling. I have not found a female, or any others of this color. Since he was growing so fast, I went out and bought a female, normal striped variety. It was the largest I could buy but already smaller then him. I am curious how this black is passed onto the offspring. To be continued......

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