pisces7386December 11, 2011

I have my first plant infested with thrips! It makes me so sad because this is the first time this plant has bloomed for me and it is so beautiful! It has tons of deep red blooms and double that many buds. The pollen on the flowers is even kinda pretty, it makes them look sparkly. I've got the flower isolated in another room from the rest of the plants and I'll probably take all the bloom stems off and spray with neem oil next week sometime (I want to enjoy the flowers a bit more).

I do have one question; I have no idea where I could have gotten them from. I have had this plant for at least two years and I haven't gotten new plants for at least a year now... but I did bring some parsley in from my garden about 6 weeks ago. Could this be the source? Or could the plant have always been infected and I am just lucky that it didn't spread to my other violets?

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kinder_devonshire(4b ID)

They could have been in the Parsley, or they could have hitched a ride on your cloths when you were in the garden, or they could have came in on a pet or through an open window.
Thrips fly, putting your violet in a large container or a large ziplock bag (my personal choice) might not be a bad idea, as well as treating all your plants for thrips. They might not be visible, but there could be larva in the dirt of the other plants.

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