Feeder Goldfish

NYYanksfan35(z6 NYC)September 8, 2005

would anyone know where I can buy feeder goldfish in bulk?

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LinLee(z5 MI)

The questoin of why comes to mind, but what I would do is contact a LFS or pet store and ask them to special order them for you... so really, how many do you need and why? just curious

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Check with a local bait store. They may be able to help you out. Around here they are sold wholesale by the pound. Depending on the size that can be from 1000-1500 fish Are you using them for feeders? What are you feeding. I used to have a big catfish and Clown Knife a couple Oscars and a Maganese Cichlid that ate about 300 or so a week. Sure was glad I could get them at cost working for the fish store at the time.


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