Some of My AVs

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)December 17, 2011

Got camera happy today and took some photos. Hope you enjoy. I've noted the pot sizes and the ones I overpotted. Bad, bad Linda. :-)

Baby Brian (trailer) 2" pot

Cajun's Studmuffin in back; part of Pookie in front. Studmuffin is overpotted.

Cool Touch (Forgot fluorescent light could turn 'em pink.) Bloom is nearly 3" across. 3" pot.

Same Cool Touch without fluorescent light. 3" pot.

Ness' Cherry Confection. 4" pot. A little overpotted.

Ness' Cherry Confection. 4" pot.

Pookie 3" pot

Shirl's Cranberry Smoothie. Grows like this with no help from me. It looked just like this when Dave of Bluemountainviolets on eBay included it as a gift. 2" pot.

Sora Purple Clouds. 3" pot. Sat on chair so you could see how big.

Sora Purple Clouds. 3" pot. For some reason my bloomers (hehehe) are all chimera.

Wrangler's Dixie Dawn...who cares if they bloom with foliage like this? 4" pot; one of the light-deprived.

Wrangler's Gaudy Lady. 5" pot; overpotted

Wrangler's Jealous Jewels. 3" pot.

Wrangler's Winter Hawk. 4" pot.

And my poor, poor overpotted Streptocarpus, Neil's Black Flash.

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jerome(z9 CA)

Thanks for posting these beautiful photos of beautiful plants. A picture is worth a thousand words. I learned a lot just reading your text and looking at the photos. You are right that Shirl's Cranberry Smoothie is a spectacular plant.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Thank you, Jerome. Sometimes it's easier to learn if you can actually see what a person's talking about. The AVs (and streps) I overpotted because I ran out of smaller pots. Oh, and the leaf pot in the Shirl's Cranberry Smoothie photo is a small Solo cup about 2" across.

BTW, you asked about big standards? Apache and Wrangler's get HUGE! I had an Apache Rainmaker that was nearly 36" across in a 4" pot. I had to use a leaf support.

Correction: Baby Brian is in a 3" pot; wasn't looking at the photo carefully.


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