Swim bladder disease?

jill1979September 14, 2006

I think my oranda has swim bladder disease. I thought she was dead as she was floating on her side at the top of the tank then I poked her and she started swimming fine again. How can I treat this? Any suggestions? I was going to give her some frozen peas and then maybe try fasting her, what do you think? I have had this fish for quite sometime now so I am very worried. My water is perfect. This fish has lived through the worst from a year ago, she outlasted my first days of starting a tank so I cannot beleive this is happening when everything is ok.

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Does the fish have any signs of external injury, or blood spots on it's body, or streaks in it's fins?

Is it eating: breathing normally?

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No, everything is fine with her. She is eating(she ate a pea also yesterday) and no external signs of anything anywhere.

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Oh, I forgot one thing, my fishes eyes are different one from the other. One has a silver cilrcle around it and the other is just black but it doesn't look like popeye. I soaked her sinking pellets this morning and started a maracyn two treatment just in case, any other suggestions?

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