New tank setup questions

krikitSeptember 18, 2009

Hello - my husband gave me a 30 gal tank for my birthday and before I set it up I have a few questions. I've been reading a book about aquariums and from that realize I have some decisions to make. One of those decisions is whether or not to plant with live plants. I'd very much like live plants if they're not too difficult. The setup he bought is very basic and the light is a single tube flourescent type so I'm not at all sure I can even have plants with that. I want them to do well - or just not have them at all. I have a couple of options for siting the tank in the room where it will be set up. The spot preferable to me is unfortunately in front of a window that gets late afternoon sun (but curtains could filter some of the light out) - the other possible location would get no sun. The book didn't go in to detail but did mention making use of natural light if you want to have plants, and that allowing algae to grow on the back side of your tank was not such a bad thing (IF I am understanding what I read). I've also been reading here about a snail that eat algae as a natural control.

So I suppose my first decision is about the plants and where to site the tank. I would appreciate any input or experiences you can share.

BTW - the fish I am interested in (from the book) are white clouds, gold barbs, rasboras, and dwarf gourami.

Thanks in advance,


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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Frances, the best plants for your situation would be Anubias which are a slow growing plant from Africa. There are several species available and they all do well with the amount of light you have. Another plant you can have would be Java Fern. It is actually a species of fern which in the wild grows at stream edge but can also grow submerged.

All of the fish have have picked should do well together, none of them grow too big for the aquarium.


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Hey Lance - thanks so much for the plant recommendations. Should I put the tank near the window, or against the wall without direct light?

Thanks again,

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You might seek out some sort of screen to cut to fit on the back of the tank to filter the sunlight. I've never done this but it was mentioned to me once I believe.

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