Fin rot with fancy goldfish. Help appreciated!!!!

magicpantsSeptember 11, 2009

Hey everyone!

I have two fancy tailed goldfish in a ten gallon tank. (I know, not enough room for them (I feel really bad and would like to get them a 30 gallon). One of them (Leinad is his name) is a usually hardy and happy little guy. The other day though, I noticed white all along the edge of his tail fins. He's also been hanging around the top a lot more than usual, and hasn't been eating much (He's usually a really good eater).

So little Leinad has fin rot. Here's where my question comes in: I've looked around the internet and read various views on how to treat fin rot. Some people say meds, and some people say salts. The one recurring theme is changing water and making sure pH is good. I put a dose of milafix in this evening, but now am confused about a next step. Also, should I take the other fish out while I am treating my little guy?

Thanks everyone!


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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Yes to both. Use a medication which is made to treat fin and tail rot. Try to not have activated charcoal in the filter as it will remove the drug. Most of the time water quality is the cause or helping factor in fin rot.
The fins will grow back quickly after the disease is eradicated.


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Check water(PH,ammonia,nitrite and nitrate) before anything.

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