dipsetta(z5 NY)September 4, 2005

Im running 2 emperor 400 on a 72 gallon bow face aquarium. I have about 2 dozen guppies, about 6 tetras and 3 baby red belly piranha's. For some reason my water stays cloudy. The tank has been established for a few months now, but the water remains cloudy. Filtration is adequate(both filters are rated at 80 gallons). Even after i use some water clear it stays cloudy. PH is at 6.5, ammonia is next to nothing, nitrite is 0 and nitrate is about 40 ppm. What could the problem be?

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woeisme(z7b NC)

Ammonia should not be detectable in an established tank. pH is slightly low but for tetras/ pirahna thats good. If the pH from the tap is higher and it becomes acidic after being in the aquarium with the ammonia showing it "could" mean a start of an system crash. The nitrates are s little high but not at a toxic level yet. A PWC may be in order. You do mean niTRATES not niTRITES? Are the guppies/other tetras feeders? if not they will soon be LOL. The liquid clear is not a good thing. Alot of them have phosphates/phosphorus that can cause algae blooms in the end. They are also known to be toxic to some fish as well as your bio-filter. It is not uncommon for a new tank to become cloudy after it has cycled for the first time. Is it a brown type of algae? Or a slightly milky color? either type is also common after a tank has cycled or is still establishing a cycle.

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